Samson Kiarie

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

Experienced B2B Content Writer

Hi there — I’m Samson, and I work with B2B SaaS and Tech brands to make content marketing power their growth.

I create Longform (1000+ words) B2B Content That Converts.


I leverage the AIDA model and weave customer-centric stories to deliver highly-relevant B2B content that Attracts, Engage, and Delight Customers. I write every piece to be punchier to draw attention to your brand and ignite undying interest in your product or service.

The Goal?
To stimulate an inherent desire for your product or service and help customers reach THIS IT! moment.

The Results?
I spur increased signups and demos from customers who will actually convert. Ultimately, you’ll savor a decimated churn rate, increased online sales, and above all, a significantly-growing ARR and MRR.
Content Types
Guide, Article, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Whitepaper, Press Release, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
More Information
Maasai Mara University, Bachelors of Science, Mathematics
Nairobi, Kenya|English

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