Samson Max

Copywriter, Ghostwriter

SaaS and Tech Writer

Are you a SaaS or tech company that needs help to grow your business?

Great. I will help your brand generate more leads with purposeful content marketing.

I’m Samson Max, a detail-oriented B2B/B2C content writer with six years of proven experience writing compelling SaaS and tech articles, blog posts, White Papers, press releases, and case studies. I have vast experience creating highly-relevant and targeted content that attracts, engages, and delights readers, nudging them to make the right call to action.

Being a small business owner myself, I endeavor to help SaaS and tech business owners stride on the path to success with digital marketing. And so, the problems that your brand set out to solve matters to me, and the experience you so inherently want to deliver to your customers is my most significant concern.

I have used content marketing to empower brands to reach out to their audience and offer solutions that address their needs. I take time to understand your brand and customers' needs to create befitting content.

Most importantly, I use a solid grasp of the latest SEO principles and a strong sense of customer focus to make your quintessential brand voice and tone serenade your end-users. This is the reason reputable brands such as Aretosystems, Aretopay,, and keep coming back for my services.

My process is rooted in desire, clarity, emotions, straight-up problem solving, and a whole lot of other nice things that make content marketing work for SaaS and tech brands. I also firmly believe each client’s project is unique in its demand. And so, I accord enough time for each task and use the available resources to make every project a success.
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Guide, Article, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Whitepaper, Blog Post
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Maasai Mara University, Bechelors Degree in Mathematics

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