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Inciting great strategy by employing creative inight.

Raised on the farm. Educated in New England. Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks in NYC. Built a career while doing yoga out on the beach. Evenutally, I decided that I needed to try to help somebody else I got into the field of education and did even more yoga. I sensed that a wave was coming so I rolled up my yoga mat and moved back out to the Great Mid West to start back over again and for the last eighteen months that's exactly what I've been doing. I'm currently working as an educator, a bartender, relaunching a career in the Arts, and getting down to the business of writing about it all.

I'm here because I'd like to help you with your writing projects and if you also need pictures to help tell your story, well, that's pretty much all the better. If you need crisp and short snappy statements that sell -I can do that. If you need longer more thoughtful pieces that probe into questions and yearn for meaningful answers, if you give me the time, - I can do that to! I spent a period of years suspended in animation, working as a small business sales and marketing guy in the bottom line printing business, so I know just how hard it can be to come up with a workable plan when it seems like it's going to be hard to find one. I know what it's like to feel stuck in a sticky situation. Hopefully, for our purposes, we'll focused on fun little human interest stories , marketing copy, and cool updates to your particular widget, but I want you to know that I'm here to help.

I'd very much like to write about hospitality, tourism and travel industry. I should probably mention that I'm a professionally trained butler and bartender that spent twelve years working for Wolfgang Puck Catering so I have certainly dabbled in that world. I'm a passionate food and wine man that prepares all of his own meals so I can definitely talk about the beauty of a plate of pasta kissed with the right amount of olive oil, or the basic comfort of a gooey grilled cheese sandwich dipped into a bowl of homemade tomato bisque using your favorite cheese and crackers. I enjoy writing about experiences that make people want to go out and do things.

I recently completed an essay about my first experience outside of Joshua Tree National Park hiking on a roughly marked trail 2.5 miles uphill in 110 degree heat at the dawn of Summer and how survivng that hike became the impetus to get out of LA and move on with my life, and writing about it wasn't much easier than the hiking, but I survived that to so, I figure, that I could contribute a blog entry about spending the night at a four star hotel . I'd be happy to help you with more basic things like a profile of one of your key employees or why the version of your company widget is going to be a game changer. And I'd very much like to go out and talk with your customers that have put their hard earned money down on your products and services to get their feedback and to help tell your story. If you have a story to tell, I'll give you a story to sell.

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