Sandeep Nath

Helping people create abundance in all aspects of living

During the last 20 years, while I founded and ran a consulting company in brand management & strategic communications, I felt a compelling need to investigate the purpose of life and the source of our energy. This led me to study from and meet with several masters of different traditions from India, China, Tibet and Japan and I bring the essence of all these learnings into my writings and teachings. With an objective of promoting healthy and holistic living, I help people take their awareness to a higher level, to raise human consciousness through small changes in daily habits of every person. I am also a published author of Arrive At Success (book on Amazon), an International Qigong Coach, a Certified Master-Teacher of Reiki, a B-quadrant business owner & mentor, a travel bug (and owner of travel advisory Discover Su Mundo), and a consultant in the space of Solar Energy.
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