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B2B Freelance Writer for SaaS, Digital Marketing, and e-Commerce Companies

Saphia Lanier began her career as a B2B freelance writer in 2006. She specializes in crafting B2B content for SaaS and digital marketing brands. Her areas of expertise include business development, content marketing, SEO, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and technology. Some of her work has been published on high-authority sites like SemRush. She's also HubSpot Certified in Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.
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Digital Marketing /E-Commerce

SEO: How to Get Lady Luck On Your Side
March, 17 2016
Is it Time to Write Desktop a “Dear John” Letter?
March, 23 2016
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January, 16 2019
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January, 14 2019
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August, 14 2018
What is Exit-intent technology? And how it can grow your business

I worked on the second half of this article (extending it).

November, 16 2017
7 Exit-Intent Popup Mistakes that Are Hurting Your Conversions (& Quick Fixes)
July, 26 2018
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7 Common Problems with Inbound Marketing and How to Solve Them
July, 1 2018
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July, 31 2018
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July, 24 2018
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November, 22 2017
6 Elements of Email Designs that Engage & Convert (w/ Examples)
June, 21 2018
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5 Project Management Tools to Boost Productivity (w/ Pros & Cons)
July, 3 2018
Wait, Don’t Leave! How to Use Exit-Intent Popups to Convert (Like these Brands)
June, 5 2018
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Facebook vs LinkedIn Ads: Which is Better for B2B Brands? (It’s Not What You Think!)
May, 31 2018
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Facebook vs. LinkedIn Ads, Part 2: Quick Tips for Improving Your Ads
June, 14 2018
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Email Automation: How to Use Trigger Emails to Boost Conversions
June, 6 2018
How to Boost Email Marketing Engagement with List Segmentation
June, 7 2018
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These Tech Companies Use Video for Lead Generation (and You Can Too!)
June, 5 2018
5 Brands Winning at Social Media (and Tips to Do the Same)
June, 18 2018
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Marketing Growth Strategies and Long Term Gains
November, 17 2017
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December, 18 2017
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Why You Should Use YouTube Ads as Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan.pdf
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October, 31 2017
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Review of Past Major Google Algorithm Updates
November, 17 2017
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How to Implement A Digital Content Marketing Strategy for Your Social Media Site
March, 29 2018
Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing for Your E-commerce Store?
April, 17 2018

B2B / SaaS

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February, 22 2019
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February, 25 2019
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February, 27 2019
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