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In the past three years, I've written everything: from copy pieces for e-commerce sites to creative long-form articles for blogs. I've found that all web content is focused around the same thing: providing valuable information not only to attract an audience but also to turn them into paying customers. To achieve that, I focus on original, well researched and interesting pieces that educate the reader and give them something new to think about. I'm here to offer my services to those who value high quality content written with care and dedication.
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Tourism and Hospitality, High school degree
Dubrovnik, Croatia|English, Croatian

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Intro To Palmistry: 19 First Steps To Becoming A Palm Reader

I worked with a client via Clearvoice to craft an article for his website. The topic was palmistry which was a great fit for me since I'm interested in the alternative practices.

December, 7 2018
Ad/Promotional Copy
The Elysian Water Pipe

This is a sample of my work for the e-commerce website I'm their content manager and all the written pieces on the page are mine (including the About Us Page, Collection Pages and all Product Descriptions)
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July, 7 2018
8 Unusual Things To Do On Your Next Trip To Croatia
June, 30 2018
Meet The Beautiful Slavic Actresses From Early 20th Century
July, 12 2018
Domovoi – A Protective House Spirit From Slavic Mythology and Folklore
June, 12 2018
Buyers Guide
14 Best Oils for Face Moisturizer in 2018
June, 12 2018
Zdzisław Beskinski: Polish Surrealist Whose Art Will Give You Nightmares
July, 6 2018
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