Saraf Nawar

A passionate writer who loves science

I am a professional content writer and editor, who currently studies in Delft University of Technology. Though I want to be an Electrical and/or Aerospace Engineer, my love for writing has been existent from childhood. I hail from Bangladesh but have always harbored a keen interest for worldwide culture and sentiment. Travelling, Photography, Reading and watching online tutorials of Mathematics & Physics are my other interests.

I have worked as a writer of Youthsparks Magazine, a renowned online magazine, where I was promoted to the position of a Senior Editor within a month of being hired. I believe perfect presentation of the articles/writings which ensure absolute justice to the reader and hence my love for grammar has been eternal. I have been awarded the National Scholars Award from the National Society of High-School Scholars, USA for my writing and extra-curricular activities besides my high score in the SAT, TOEFL and other standardized tests that certainly depict my expertise in English. I am proficient in French and a beginner of the Dutch Language in the Netherlands. Besides, I have worked as an editor, writer or columnist for various other newspapers of Bangladesh, including the most famous one, The Daily Star.

Other than being a writer, I am a social worker who co-founder her own non-profit organization in 2015 and have ever since contributed to social changes in the lives of around 300 underprivileged with the help of over 200 volunteers.

I have been praised for my punctuality, sincerity and dedication towards my work and believe can add to more goods in the world by working through Clear Voice
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