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I graduated in business and marketing from the University of London (Royal Holloway) with first-class honors. Since then, I've also completed a diploma in journalism as well as several courses in feature writing (London School of Journalism), content marketing, digital marketing, SEO, CRM, and inbound marketing. I'm a content marketing writer and I specialize in business, real estate, and finance. I've also ghost-written several e-books and developed the social media pages and web content for a number of small businesses.
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Blog Post
The Growth of Brazil’s Organic Production

According to the Brazilian Association of Collective Health, 70% of food in Brazil is contaminated by agrochemicals. One study showed that in 2015, Brazil used just over 899 million liters of pesticides on its crops. What makes this even more significant is that a third of agrochemicals used in Brazil are banned in the European Union.

September 11th, 2018
Blog Post
Brazil’s Efforts to Boost its Small Immigrant Population

The number of foreigners living in Brazil is one of the fewest in the country’s history and among the lowest in the world – even with the recent heavy flow of Venezuelans entering the country (in June this year, 11,000 Venezuelans were residing in Brazil and almost 33,000 had sought refuge). The Brazilian Federal Police say there are approximately 750 thousand foreigners living in Brazil which has a total population of 207 million, meaning they represent just 0.4% of the population. Even with the estimated one million foreigners living in the country illegally, the figures are still much smaller than other countries.

September 11th, 2018
15 Remarkable Natural Wonders in Wales

Beyond its 600 or so castles, its 10 million sheep outnumbering people three to one, and its rich, living Celtic history, Wales is also home to incredible natural landscapes. Deep valleys are bounded by rolling hills and rugged mountains while swirling rivers meander towards steel-blue seas edged by a dramatic coastline of jagged cliffs and sandy dunes. In short, Wales is stunning. While a visit to the vibrant capital city Cardiff and Wales’ sleepy beachside towns is a must, make sure to add some of these Welsh natural wonders to your list too.

July 18th, 2018
Blog Post
The Basics about Pensions

Do you know your differences between state and occupational pensions? How about defining annuity schemes or explaining the rules for payment? If those questions have you stumped, you’re on the right page. This brief overview explains some of the most common jargon used when talking about pensions and give you the basic facts on this type of savings. For more information on pensions, keep an eye out for more articles that we’ll publish soon dedicated to expanding on the individual points mentioned here.

August 20th, 2018
What is Life Insurance and Do I Need it?

There is a quote that goes along the lines of ‘when you die, your to-do list will still be there. But you won’t.’ The underlying message is that our to-do list isn’t as important as we think and we should live our lives each day with zest and meaning. In the literal sense though, the saying is true. Our to-do list will still be there when we die. Same goes for debts such as mortgages, credit cards and student loans. And while our to-do list probably won’t hold much significance after we’ve gone, unfortunately our debts linger and become the responsibility of someone else. This is part of what life insurance is all about.

August 15th, 2018
Rio de Janeiro's Michelin Star Restaurants

The prestigious Michelin guidebook revealed its 2018 stars for Rio de Janeiro, with four restaurants making the list. A further 45 establishments were awarded Michelin’s new L’Assiette Michelin (Michelin Plate) award that recognizes “restaurants where inspectors have discovered quality food.” Here are Rio’s Michelin-starred venues and the best L’Assiette Michelin eateries in the city.

August 28th, 2018
How You Can Still Enjoy Brazil's Incredible History in Rio

Brazil is a country steeped in rich culture and history dating back more than 10,000 years. The National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, also the former home of the Portuguese royal family, was reduced to a blackened shell on Sept. 2 in a devastating fire. The museum, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in June this year, was the oldest scientific institute in the country and housed around 20 million historical artifacts relating to the history of Brazil and the world. An estimated 90 percent of the items were destroyed — a loss that sent ripples of grief throughout the country and around the world.

September 11th, 2018
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