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My name is Sarah Donighi and I'm a copywriter from Toronto.

I come with a 2-year advertising diploma from Seneca College and roughly 3 years of experience working with various brands and mediums.

I'm consistently staying up to date with trends, memes, news, and social media updates/features on all platforms. It's a bit of a compulsion.

Movies and television shows are my passion. I've been analyzing them since I could pick up a remote and form a thought. I'm currently writing spec scripts for my favorite tv shows as well as developing a pilot of my own.

I also have a Youtube channel where I write and produce my own sketches/videos.


This past year, I was lucky enough to have experienced both full-time agency life and short-term freelance. My freelance project consisted of a 6-week development of an employee handbook for a commercial furniture company (Teknion) before switching gears and entering my current full-time position at an advertising agency (Tag).

Some of my experience at Tag includes the development of monthly social media content, online newsletters/e-blasts, videos/commercials, radio spots, digital web advertising, OOH/billboards, long-form brochures, and internal documents.
I develop social content for two brands (Clover Leaf and First Choice Haircutters) on both Facebook and Instagram. My job is to stay consistent with their social media strategy while also driving conversion and keeping the content fresh and relevant to the target.

I apprenticed at an advertising agency (Grip Limited) where I developed tv commercials, billboards, online newsletters/e-blasts, and internal campaigns. Some of the brands included: Acura, Taco Bell, The Royal Bank of Canada.
Later, I worked as a Junior Copywriter at a Shopper Marketing firm (Match Marketing Group), where I worked with my team to develop in-store campaigns for Mars Wrigley Canada, Lyft, Pedigree, and Agropur.
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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Ad/Promotional Copy, Video, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide, Script, Social Video, Recipe
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Seneca College, Creative Advertising - Copywriting
Toronto, ON, Canada|English

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