Sarguru Ravi

Content Strategist, Developmental Editor, Technical Writer

Goal-Oriented Product Developer with Ten Years of Experience in Development of a Product or a Application

I truly enjoy excelling and pushing myself. I look for challenging tasks where I can learn and grow. I am out of box thinker which make me more unique.
University degree in Engineering.
Solution-oriented, creative and able to cope well with an increased workload at times, whilst keeping attention to details as well as a continued focus on managing relevant risks.
Strong understanding of the Engineering and IT Industries (in terms of Overall Operations Process, R&D, QE&A, Support & Maintenance, sales & distribution, and Product/Application Delivery).
Strong Experience in Product analysis. Development Strategies, Product Guidance and Improvements, Product Testing, Framing Technical Details, Providing Product Guidelines and Descriptions, Commercial & B2B Products management.
Strong Experience in Digital Solutions such Mobile Apps, IoT Devices, Digital Products & Services and other software.
Experience in project management on a global basis - ideally in product development - and drive towards timely conclusions.
Strong analytical and conceptual skills and know-how on the global Product Development markets.
Very good presentation, negotiation, networking skills and ability to convince stakeholders of various functions and levels of seniority.
Strong oral and written communication skills in English and Tamil with the ability to reduce complexity to facilitate communication.
Excellent skills in using the usual Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook as well as Skype or other information systems.
Content Types
Guide, Product Description, Commercial, Buyers Guide, Interview, Checklist, Direct Mail
More Information
PSG Tech, Engineering
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India|English, Tamil

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