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Just a regular guy trying to change peoples perception, giving real insight Good,bad or indifferent!

Well I reckon I should start out with the obvious. The obvious being I have no degree in marketing nor do I have any formal background in the field. However I figure what I do have is personal testimony as well as the ability or as some might say the inability to always speak my mind. That being said I would like to start out by telling you about myself and some of my personal experiences, which to me makes perfectly good sense as to why I would be a great fit for this industry. Insertion of an LOL.
So here goes, to start I am 41 years of age, I have two children, both grown and out of the house.I have a son who is 22 years old he is a chef and lives in Arizona as well I also have a daughter who just turned 20 and lives in Alabama.
Like I said on my tagline just a normal guy,right. Well I would like to think so. So this last year,November 2019, to be exact, I started my own business as a General Contractor and lets just say its been a tough first year. Although I have endured many "quote,unquote" " learning lessons" which have include such things as to why they say "never do business with a friend" to always, alway have a contract. However I must say that no matter how many adversities I have endured through I have realized quite a few things about myself.One, that even though I have many years experience in the construction industry and there is alot I do know there is also alot I do not know, which made me realize a talent I was previously unaware of, that i am very resourceful. Meaning that if there is something I do not know or have little knowledge of I can and will find the resources to complete the task at hand, not just by necessarily hiring someone to do it but I end up researching it till I feel I have a degree on the subject.
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Clover Park Technical College, Auto restoration and upholstery
Tacoma Bartending Academy, Hospitality/Mixoligy Degree
Tacoma, WA, USA|English

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