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Looking to connect with others while spreading a positive written message!

Building relationships and solving problems has been my passion since I can remember. From my childhood filled with memories of crafting intricate snow-forts or designing science experiments with my younger sister, to more recent times when I began work on my own corporation or embarked on volunteer opportunities from my second home in Washington D.C. I have constantly been chasing new problems to solve and new people to meet.

As a Sophomore Finance & Psychology Double Major with a Spanish minor I love gaining knowledge and will never turn down an opportunity to learn. Being an Archdiocesan Scholar in the University’s Honors Program, I have been exposed to courses like Statistics, Management of Information, and Research Methods that have bolstered my research skills and refined my ability to synthesize and analyze data. While also taking other courses like Managerial Accounting and Finance that have peaked my interest and caused me to dive deeper and develop hard skills like proficiency in Microsoft Office.

A majority of my time outside of the classroom is spent working on Campus Carryout! An idea that was crafted in the Summer of 2019, I saw a major problem on college campuses around the country: Students were turning to Uber Eats or Grub Hub before going near their meal plan they paid for on campus simply because they were studying or with friends and did not want to take the time out of their busy schedule to walk and get the food. So began the Campus Carryout initiative: bring campus food to the students at a cost efficient price while also employing members of the campus community. The organization is in its infancy, but I am truly excited to keep working on this project simply because it is a problem that needs to be solved. In just 6 months I crafted a comprehensive business plan, organized the Campus Carryout LLC, analyzed data from two pilot runs of our initial program, and managed over 5 team members who have joined in this journey! This is an exciting time for both me and the company and has allowed for me to orchestrate a hands-on project from scratch and learn invaluable information along the way.

In the future I would like to be able to say the work I do challenges me daily and has enabled me to make new, deep connections that last a lifetime!

As I said, I am always looking to meet new people, hear a new perspective, or dive into a new opportunity so please reach out, I would love to talk.
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