Scott Doyle

Let me shape your story.

Stories shape the world. I shape stories.

Under my own name I've published fiction, book reviews, and features. As a ghostwriter I've reviewed business books about the changing nature of work; interviewed Twitter co-founder Biz Stone; summarized medical studies about the dangers of sitting (very real) and of cholesterol (not so much); and written a paranormal romance novella. I've crafted taglines and menu descriptions for a new restaurant; edited and critiqued fiction and nonfiction manuscripts; shaped grant proposals for a community nonprofit arts initiative; helped high school students write a book.

After school, I was a community activist, a pastry chef, a bookstore owner.

What I do now: I take information, anecdote, and scribblings, and find the essential story inside.

What I'm good at: finding a form for your vision... of your business, your philanthropic venture, your life story, your aborted screenplay or novel.
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