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Traveling Storyteller. 50+ years of lessons, love, and loss. I take what I experience on the road and combine it with what I have learned in life. I create uplifting stories of encouragement and growth.

I ran away from home when I was 49. That was three years ago and I've been running ever since. I have been from the heat of Phoenix where I worked at Home Depot and slept on my daughter's couch, (that's where I started my journey,) to an Eco Village in Southern Indiana. Next was a ten month visit to my home state of Oregon where I worked throughout the bootleg cannabis community to feed myself as I toured the state. Then, before I knew it I was living on the North Shore of Kauai on a Hawaiian family compound. I was a live in caregiver for a man with a degenerative muscle condition. I was there for a year which included the flash flooding and landslide events that had us trapped for over a month. I returned to the Mainland in early July and now I'm staying in Las Vegas with a friend. I will be returning to Oregon in August to see the kids and grandbabies, but after that I'll hit the road again. I have no idea when I'll go or where I'll land.

While on this journey to find myself, I ended up discovering a love for writing. I started submitting my articles a few months ago and I now have two published and one getting ready to go live any day now.

I obviously have plenty to write about from these last three years, but I also have raised four children who are now self-sufficient young adults. I've been through a long marriage and a hard divorce. I've battled alcoholism and won. I was raised in the church, and then found my way free.

I've been sending out pitches on possible articles, but it came to me that I needed to pitch myself too.

I think I have a lot to offer in several areas and I would love to get the chance to prove it. I am hungry for direction and eager to learn and grow in my writing.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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Dare To Be Unique

Article Submitted and soon to be published by Rebelle Society

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The Journey of the Sunflower Sisters
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Mirror, Mirror - Learning About Ourselves by Observing Others
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I'm Not a Disney Princess - Why Some of Us Don't Need a Fairy Tale Ending

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The Connection between Yin & Yang, the Moon & Menopause.
June, 27 2018
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