Shannon Hernandez

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter

I was meant to write . . . for you.

I am a U.S. Army Veteran that once served my country and now serve an internet community as a freelance writer for hire.

You’re here because you don’t have a lot of time . . . so I won’t waste any more of it talking about myself. I will tell you that any writing project we collaborate on will be delivered with the same standard of excellence and professionalism the military expected of me.

That includes meeting deadlines-this soldier was never late to formation. Rest assured your project won't be late to your inbox, either.

You already know that words are powerful tools for reaching your target audience. I am especially effective at evoking emotion and commanding a call to action from your readers. I also excel at creating quality web content that’s both thought-provoking and easily understood.

Need health-related content? I am passionate about fitness, health and wellness, and living a balanced lifestyle. I am also capable of researching material from credible sources and creating content that is both factually accurate and interesting to read.

I can be a "word chameleon." I can easily switch from a casual style that is entertaining and humorous to a more serious, technical tone that is informative but still engaging.

I respond promptly, am easy to work and get along with, and can handle multiple projects at one time. I am also fastidious about grammar. You won't need additional editing on my pieces!

I look forward to writing for you!
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Article, Landing Page, Website Copy, Blog Post
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University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Bachelor's of Arts
Colorado Springs, CO, USA|English

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