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With 13 years of professional writing and editing experience, I know how to make content (and brands!) stand out. My work has been featured on sites like SEMrush, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, BuzzFeed, Business2Community, MarketingProfs, Small Business Bonfire, Linkedin Pulse, Social Media Today, and more.
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Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Ebook, Product Description, Script, Website Copy, Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Guide, Infographic Copy, Landing Page, Press Release, Social Copy, Whitepaper
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Arizona State University, BA English Literature
Scottsdale, AZ, USA|English

Small Business/Entrepreneur

Blog Post
No-Bullshit Advice for Choosing a Logo You’ll Love

If you're ready for some no-bullshit logo design tips that'll result in a logo you'll love (and your target market will too), you'll find everything you need right here!

May, 12 2015
Blog Post
5 Surefire Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

A remote team brings unique challenges that your company might not expect. Use this plan of attack to keep your employees engaged no matter where they are working from each day.

January, 3 2019
Blog Post
4 Ways to Reward Your Employees on a Tight Budget

Have you ever worked for someone who refused to acknowledge or reward your contributions?

April, 10 2014
Blog Post
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Zombies

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? Pshh. That’s so 80s. There’s another, albeit highly unlikely, source I think you could learn a whole lot more from.

March, 10 2014
Blog Post
Building a Company Culture That Attracts (And Retains) Talented People

If motivation is a problem in your office, you may want to look at the culture of your workplace for the solution.

October, 22 2018
Blog Post
Learn, You Will: What Yoda Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Everybody needs a mentor. And if that mentor happens to be tiny, green, and wise as f*ck, well, even better.

October, 7 2014
Blog Post
5 Time Management Tools to Help You Stay on Track

As a local business owner, you may not have the luxury of hiring an administrative assistant. And without someone to help you, feeling frazzled may (all too often) seem like a normal part of every day life.

September, 26 2018
Blog Post
Is a Lack of Creativity Limiting Your Success?

A creative mind can mean the difference between an ordinary or extraordinary business; a promotion or a stagnant position; a standout employee or an overlooked staff member.

July, 21 2014
Blog Post
Business Lessons from The Walking Dead: Don't Be a Shane

I've been noticing business owners exhibiting some of Shane's most undesirable characteristics. Are you one of them?

October, 22 2012
Blog Post
Your Employees Hate You and It’s Probably Your Fault

Do you know (or care) if your employees are motivated and happy in their current positions? If not, you should. In fact, you should care a lot.

December, 20 2012

E-Commerce/Online Store

Blog Post
A Definitive Guide to Writing Damn-Good Product Descriptions

There are a lot of factors that go into making sales online (great user experience, fair pricing, enticing images, etc.), but your product description is a major player in this process and shouldn’t be ignored or rushed through.

September, 10 2018
Blog Post
Summer Slump? 3 Sizzling Ways to Kick Your Sales Up a Notch

Take advantage of the indoor sabbatical we call summer by devoting your time and energy to promoting your products instead.

August, 3 2017


Blog Post
How Customer Service Is a Lot Like Foreplay

Have you been a little selfish with your customers lately? Ignoring their needs, not listening to their desires, or just flat-out hoping to move from zero to sale with little to no effort on your part?

September, 15 2018
How a Sticker Can Create Viral Interest in Your Company
September, 21 2018
Blog Post
A Fast and Easy Way to Reward Your Regular Customers

As we all know, regular customers equal regular revenue. But if you go a bit deeper than that, you also know that regulars often become brand advocates who get you the coveted word-of-mouth promotion you desire, both in-person and online.

August, 28 2017
Blog Post
Black Friday Marketing: It’s Not All About the Benjamins

You’re not cheap, you’re frugal! And yes, there is a difference.

November, 4 2012
Blog Post
How to Market a Product When You're Broke as a Joke

You may not have much in your piggy bank these days, but that doesn’t matter. Effective marketing IS possible with a small budget.

April, 30 2014
Blog Post
Hello? How Ignoring a Ringing Phone Just Cost You a Customer

An unanswered phone call may have just cost you a customer -- is that a price you're willing to pay?

January, 16 2018

Content Marketing

Blog Post
How to Create Content Worth Sharing

All content marketers have a common goal – and that’s to create the type of content that gets shared endlessly. But what exactly makes content worth sharing and how can you make yours more likely to get a ton of attention?

July, 29 2014
Blog Post
12 Ways to Become Insanely Good at Content Marketing

12 ways small business owners can turn into serious content marketers.

January, 2 2018
Blog Post
Cutting the Crap: Real Advice for Creating Epic Content

Want to write the type of content that makes your readers say "wow"? Check out the ideas and sites below that can help your content go from ordinary to epic!

July, 22 2014
Blog Post
An Easy Guide to Writing Exceptional Email Subject Lines

If you're ready for your emails to have their day in the sun, check out the tips below to start writing the type of exceptional email subject lines that'll get all the 'opens' you desire.

September, 3 2014

Blogging Tips

Blog Post
Put a Little Pop (Culture) Into Your Blog Post and Get More Views

We’re nearly drowning in a sea of sameness when publishing content -- so how can you get your blog posts the attention they deserve?

August, 27 2013
Blog Post
How to Get More Blog Post Readers (Immediately!)

You might write better than Edgar Allan Poe on a bad day, but that doesn’t mean you can just slop words onto a page and expect to be flooded with readers.

September, 26 2018

Social Media

Blog Post
Should You Promote Your Products on Pinterest? These Stats Say YES!

Pretty much every age range is pinning their pants off -- isn't it time you got in on this action?

March, 22 2018
Blog Post
11 Instagram Post Ideas Your Followers Will Actually Like

Here are 11 picture-perfect Instagram post ideas from local Arizona business, Fluff It Marshmallows, that’ll keep your followers interested and turn your account into a valuable and profitable marketing tool for your small business.

January, 24 2018

Career/Job Search

You Just Lost Your Job… Here’s What to Do Next

So you're newly unemployed and feeling lost? Don't panic. Here's a plan of attack for your first jobless week.

December, 4 2018
Laid-Off Lessons: What Losing My Job Taught Me About Myself

After six years with the same company, I was completely unprepared for life without a job. Or a steady paycheck. Or healthcare benefits.

November, 29 2018

Seasonal Marketing

Blog Post
10 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Here are 10 Halloween marketing ideas you can use to encourage immediate purchases from your existing (and new!) customers to help you make a killing in October.

September, 29 2018
Blog Post
How to Give Your Customers an Unforgettable Experience

Experiential marketing may have a buzzword-sounding name — but it’s really nothing more than marketing in real time that encourages consumer interaction.

December, 11 2018
Blog Post
Gettin’ Jolly with It: Holiday Marketing for Procrastinators

Not getting the holiday sales you thought you would this month? It might be due to the holiday spirit, or rather, its lack thereof from your marketing plan.
Blog Post
Secrets to Holiday Sales: Statistics Every Business Owner Needs

Screw sugarplums... dollar signs are what's dancing in every business owner's head this holiday season.

November, 20 2017
Blog Post
Fall Is Coming: A Seasonal Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

Fall gives us cooler weather, pumpkin-spice lattes, and perhaps the greatest gift of them all: the holiday shopping season.
Blog Post
13 Eerily Effective Halloween Marketing Tips for Online Sellers

Lock the doors and draw the shades because 13 eerily effective Halloween marketing tips for online sellers are coming for you right now.

October, 15 2018
Blog Post
22 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Gobble Up

November is a big month for small business owners. There’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday — all stuffed together in a three-day span. (Not unlike a small-business turducken.)

October, 22 2018
Blog Post
3 Social Media Contest Ideas That Will Attract Holiday Shoppers

If you want more holiday shoppers this year, creating and promoting a social media contest now will help you see the increase in traffic you want.

December, 4 2014
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