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Howdy, I am Shashank Priyadarshi, an adventurer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, branding expert, content strategist, and a person with many stories.

I am on a mission, "To influence and change for better the life of 1 Million People around the globe in the next ten years."

It may be a huge mission statement, but every great thing starts with a more magnificent dream.

I am on a mission because I want to encourage and inspire people like me and you around the globe to live a much better life. To Live life More than just struggling in their offices throughout life.

Witty Bites Media is on a mission, "To provide witty solutions for digital marketing and online branding in bites."

Small businesses cannot afford long term high rated digital marketing price list. Big giants can hire professionals, but not all are so lucky in some sense.

However, I believe that the digital platform is for everyone, so I am helping those in small bites that they can afford and digest wisely with long term vision.

So that's the whole vision and mission. It is growing together while helping others.
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