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Engaging and motivational text that converts!

Whether technical writing is desired or engaging and motivational content is part of the passion, my professional and academic experience provides quality and timely products that convert.

With regard to technical writing, thoroughly researched material with an eye for the ‘big picture’ helps to put potentially complex information into perspective. Proposals, manuals, and other business documents that are reader-friendly and captivating while being detail oriented and informative are vital in achieving a positive response from those invested. These abilities and more have been ingrained in my writing through years of procedural academic documentation and through my work experience supporting a vulnerable community in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, methodological documentation of procedures and legal, government mandated reports.

Passionate content that engages and motivates can be a thrill to create as well. However, with a busy schedule and multiple clients, it can be difficult to maintain. You need time to focus on your clients’ individual needs so that you may provide the best business possible. You also need time to market your product in order to maintain a steady stream of clientele to keep your business running smoothly. Creating articles, course work, email sequences, and other marketing tools can take away from that precious time. So, if you require inspiring content that converts, you will need a devoted and experienced partner to rely on. In addition to my aforementioned skills regarding the form and function of the written - English - word, I also have experience in marketing and sales with an in-depth background in psychology which aids in the persuasion of your target audience toward your ultimate goals using strategic rhetoric.

I am a professional writer so you can expect clear communication and prompt responses to any requests and requirements. My projects arrive on time or earlier and I will work with you to make sure you're pleased with the finished product.
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Wilfrid Laurier University, BA Psychology/minor French language
University of Waterloo, BA English: Rhetoric and Professional Writing/specialization in Global Literature
Cambridge, ON, Canada|English

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Doodlemomma | Canada | Shauna Leigh - Freelance Writer

Engaging text that converts! Feeling unmotivated and out of touch with the "real world?" Or worse, the "real YOU?" Get some real talk from a real person and relearn how truly awesome you are! See some behind the scenes mayhem that most families try to close the curtains to and embrace the chaos while experiencing this thing called life. Live your life to its fullest and take all the positive energy from it to make the best you you can be.

May 18th, 2019
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