Shawaeb Tayab

Content Strategist, Writer

Self-Improvement / Lifestyle Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Strategist

Current Pitches that can be Commissioned are:

The Parallels Between Multiple Personality Disorder and Spiritual Possession.
Why Dr. Sebi Is Right
What Does It Mean When People Say "We're Living in A Matrix"
What Flat Earther's Really Are?... Skeptics.
The Consequences of Drug Legalisation That Nobody Talks About
Breaking Down The Bullshit of Bentinho

I’m a freelance writer who specialises in writing in depth blog posts to give the masses the information they are missing by being so distracted by Media. I condense the knowledge I learn through books, life as an Entrepreneur, Writer, Philosophy Student, Menswear Fashion Designer, Creator and Hypebeast.

Self published Medium Articles Amassed 5.3k Views.
At least 40% of readers read my work entirely.
Guest Posts on Nouvive Amassed 3000 Views
My Blog had amassed over twenty thousand views in the first two years of publishing, without SEO knowledge.

What I bring:
I sift through different perspectives of life including Science & Spirituality to dispel myths.
I make complex ideas and below surface themes accessible to teens as young as thirteen. Providing more value for content than common articles. I like to dispel myths and truths.
To help create a more engaged and educated discussion around new age themes and appeal to millennials.
Being the target audience, I know how to actively engage the content consumer. 

My audience of over 1K highly engaged twitter followers that get me a response of 10-75 Retweets per post. Writing aimed to captivate and hold the readers attention. All of the unique visitors from the past.

In each article I create, I will include:
A compelling headline
An attention grabbing lead/sub-heading
An entertaining, blunt and coherent voice.
Book References and Case Studies
A call to action

Niches I’ve expertise in
Personal Development (Mental, Physical and Spiritual)
Spirituality / Religion

Fin-Tech / Cryptocurrencies.

Niche's I'm looking to write in
Personal Fitness
Content Types
Guide, Article, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Blog Post
More Information
University of Roehampton, Philosophy
Birmingham, UK|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Validation – Why you care what people think about you!

Why we should be wary of validation.

March 28th, 2016
Blog Post
Men, Pride will be the death of you; If you're not careful

My thoughts on the instinctive urges pride brings.

February 10th, 2016
My 11 Natural, Inexpensive, Alternative secrets to make your skin glow and beautiful

A post to guide people to clearer skin

July 17th, 2018
Be A Better Writer, Create Better Ideas & Increase Traffic With These 17 Tips

A post to help those looking to aid their creativity.

September 7th, 2018
Why XRP Is Set For Big Gains

A post to educate anyone on what XRP is.

October 21st, 2018
Master The Law of Attraction in Eight Minutes

A spirituality focused blog post. I am to make complex ideas clear for more accessible audiences.

November 22nd, 2018
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