Shawn Ambrose

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I enjoy cheesecake, pickles, and dying on the inside.

I live in a tiny country on a tiny island called Singapore, where I am currently pursuing a degree in English Literature. I have only recently started freelance writing, as I hope to gain some experience in the field. I enjoy writing about anything, but I am passionate about certain topics like social issues, books, music, films, and education.

If you hire me, there are a few things that I can guarantee:

1) I will do your work
2) You will receive my work

So, that's about it.

Ok, I'm kidding. I put a lot of effort into my writing and I'd appreciate any opportunities to write for you and gain valuable experience.
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Malaysia's "Gay Prevention" Competition
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Malaysia's "Gay Prevention" Competition

This is an editorial sample I wrote last year about a "Gay prevention" competition held in Malaysia.

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