Sheena Abraham

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Writer, Managing Editor

I help businesses increase their sales with copy that speaks to the pain points and desires of ready-to-buy prospects.

Are you looking product messaging that persuades people and makes them click that "buy now" button? I'd love to help you ramp up your sales by making your buyer feel seen and known.

As a communications and marketing professional, I’ve:
-helped a nonprofit raise more than $1 million a year through direct mail, email, web marketing, and live presentations.
-helped communities commit to life-saving actions that increase the supply of blood donations.
-revamped company newsletters to increase readership and content retention.
-and more.

My secret sauce is knowing how to use high-emotion trigger words and images. I can strategically weave stories into your marketing pieces to fascinate and prime your prospect.

Together, we'll overcome both the obvious and subtle objections in your prospect’s mind and find opportunities to sell more to existing customers!

I’ve spent 15 years studying and applying persuasion strategies and tactics from studies by Sheena Iyengar, Robert Cialdini, Roger Dooley, Nir Eyal, BJ Fogg and other icons who understand the science of behavior change. (My recent reading record is 45 books in one year.) My B.A. is in Advertising/Public Relations, and I studied under some of the top public relations professors in the nation. I’m a stats-and-stories pro, using both numbers and emotions to your advantage.

Let me help your business connect more deeply with your customers. I'm not here to write fluffy words, but to use research and data-backed approaches to get your buyers in action.
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University of Houston, B.A. in Public Relations & Advertising
University of Houston, M.A. in Public Administration
Houston, TX, USA|English

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