Sheline Jafar

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"You have to trace your way to success "
I don't know who in the world invented this simple quote. But this is what I have been trying to do, tracing my way to success. My name is Sheline. I am 18 years old and was born in Mozambique in 2002.

I will be candid and say that, I am yet to get a degree. But I can assure you that I don't wait for any certificate to hunt for knowledge. For the last past years, I have been finding and digging for ways to be more independent and help my family and myself.

Words carry power to me and I say this because they manipulate and influence the human mind. Therefore, I have used words to heal those around me who were suffering from depression and anxiety. I have used words to spread happiness and love. I have used words to win arguments and show my stance and hopefully, I will use words to be a clear voice freelancer.

As for my educational background, I have completed my AS levels and IGCSE exams earning my self distinctions in subjects like economics, business, and geography. Other than, school I continue upgrading my brain everyday.

Today all I want is to be one step ahead of my dreams when I look at clear voice I believe I am taking the right direction.
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Granduer, A degree in being a fighter.
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