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Scaling Ninja

With me, you're not just buying copy, you're buying results.

Here's what I'm going to do...

You want the people reading your content:

- To feel like they're GETTING VALUABLE INFORMATION from what they read
- To like you
Also, most importantly:
- TO TAKE A SPECIFIC ACTION (whether that means subscribing to your email list, buying your product, or something else.)

I will make sure that this happens.

Hire me, and you will turn a mildly interested person that randomly scrolls through your website/landing page to repeat business if your product is any good, and I know it is since you’re willing to hire someone to make sure that you’re marketing it properly.

• Samsung wouldn't have ever gotten this big if people weren't convinced that their products are great.

• Google wouldn't have been anything by now if no one thought you can find useful stuff by searching there.

• You wouldn't have been reading my profile if you didn't believe you can find a great freelancer here, on Upwork.
Fortunately, you're right.
I will get the most out of your product, your brand, your idea.

Look, I know that hiring someone you don't know can be a hard decision to make, and that’s why I’m willing to take all the risks. If you’re not satisfied with my work – you will have all your MONEY BACK.

I’m offering:
-Marketing, advertorial, and copywriting services
- I can review your landing page/sales letter and give you valuable info on how to improve it so as to convert better
- Editing & Proofreading

If you need a copy that commands engagement and drives sales, click the contact button, and we can talk about it.

Drop me a message now so we can start discussing your project. :)

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