Sofia Caessa Güerne


Writer, dreamer, maker, creator, mother.

Sofia Güerne grew up by the canals of Overschie, the Netherlands, the skyscrapers of São Paulo, Brazil and the beachs of Cascais, Portugal. Her love for Theatre took her to New York City, where she intended to pursue a career in Theatre. Instead, she became involved in Film and writing. After a few years in the USA, Sofia decided to move back to Europe. In Brussels she worked for Violeta Lab, a cultural organisation she founded, and in film production. There, she founded the Little Film Academy. Now living in Portugal, Sofia works at home, writing and doing voice overs, and she has started her own publishing house that creates children's books and games.
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Restart, Certificate in Writing for Screen, New Media and Television
Lisbon, Portugal|English, Portuguese

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Girlie - Children's Story

Story ordered by OLÁ (Unilever) to promote their new ice cream Girlie. The interactive story was featured on their kids’ website Clube Olá.

January 31st, 2017
Global Couples

"Global Couples", a series of articles published in the Brussels' anglophone magazine The Bulletin. The series focused on multicultural couples living and finding their home in Brussels.
Narrative Video
Should the Wife Confess?

Screenwriter and producer of short film "Should the Wife Confess", a dark comedy with sweet and sour ingredients.

December 9th, 2018
Blog Post
GUEST POST from PORTUGAL: A Foreigner in my own Country

Blog post for the blog World Moms Network.

November 14th, 2016
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Article for the Brussels' anglophone magazine The Bulletin.

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Multicultural Couples

Series of articles published in the Brussels' anglophone magazine The Bulletin.

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