Sofia del Carmen


From experimental to commercial, Film is a passion

I'm a freelance filmmaker with a deep background in film theory and practice. I have experience with working through the entire film process from pre-production to post-production. I've worked on big budget CGI sets to independent documentaries. I'm filmed interviews, virtual tours, and design commercials. I've shadowed senior editors in post-production houses, on how to hone my craft in editing and colorgrading. As well as worked with other filmmakers through cinematography to sound design. I'm accustomed to working with a wide range of equipments from DSLRs to the ARRI, and iMovie to the Avid Pro and DaVinci. I'm hungry to continue learning, and improve, I'm easily adaptable to challenging environments and hold excellent time management and problem solving skills.
I can't wait to work with you!
Content Types
Video, Script, Narrative Video, Commercial
More Information
United World College ISAK Japan, Diploma in Higher Level Film
Seoul, South Korea|English, Japanese, Spanish

Plays, Films, Photographs

Depression: A Short

An experimental stop motion short animation, created by me. Exploring the mental illness of depression.

April, 5 2015
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Candid Photography

Taken on a Canon 50mm, a friend with her cat jazz.

September, 20 2017
Narrative Video

A short film shot and edited by me, meant to allow the audience to explore pure emotion with as little information provided as possible and express what is meant to be said mainly through camera movement, and editing.

February, 16 2018

A commercial advertising a boarding school written and directed by me, following strict specifications from the school's marketing team.

March, 17 2016
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Live Event
4000 Miles

Shot taken from a play I've adapted from Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Herzog's 4000 Miles. The play was directed, produced by me, and set design was also conceptualised by me.

May, 28 2018
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