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Sola is a freelance content writer for hire with 10+ years of corporate business management experience, leading teams and managing human and material resources, for profit. She’s highly organized, meets deadlines, enjoy doing research and uses credible sources. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her drinking green tea, watching movies or curled up with a good book.
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Leadership & Business

Blog Post
7 Practical Steps to Inspire Trust in Your Team

Have you heard that 45% of employees say lack of trust in leadership is the biggest issue affecting their work performance? Click through to learn how to inspire trust in your team to reap the fantastic benefits.

June, 28 2018
Blog Post
4 Simple and Frugal Ways to Gain More Knowledge Quickly

Are you hungry for more knowledge but have limited funds? Read this guide to discover simple and frugal ways to solve the problem.
Blog Post
5 Key Reasons to Gain Your Employees’ Trust

Do your employees trust you? Click through to find out all the benefits you get when they do.

March, 8 2017

Writing & Entrepreneurship

Blog Post
6 Secrets to Writing Guest Posts That Editors Love

Fed up with editors rejecting your guest posts again and again? Read this post to discover six secrets to writing guest posts that editors love and accept.

August, 2 2018
Blog Post
What Basics Do New Freelance Writers Need for Quick Success?

Searching for the basics required for quick success in your new freelance writing business? Click through to learn what they're.

February, 7 2018
Blog Post
How Can I Attract My First Client Quickly?

Looking for tips on how to get your first client as a new freelance writer? Read this post to learn more

August, 23 2016


Blog Post
5 Practical Ways For Singles To Be Happy and Enjoy Life

Do you know that you can enjoy life and be happy as a single lady? Click through to learn more!

September, 13 2016
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