Sommer Riley

Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Writer, Instructional Designer, eLearning Specialist

I write to tell stories that resonate with a specific audience. I write to persuade readers to step out of their comfort zone and imagine themselves traveling to a new place, buying a new, interesting product, or trying something they never thought they could. I write to teach and inspire.

I think content, whether it's a blog, article, web page, social media, or advertisement, should be delightful, optimistic, and personal. It should be creative and intriguing and my goal is to make readers feel like they haven't been persuaded at all but included and encouraged and happier for it. Writing is my greatest love and I bring this passion to every job I take on.

My Experience:
My professional publications started as articles in my college newspaper, then a local Nebraska print travel magazine. Later I wrote content for online magazines about literature, and culture. I created website and ad copy, blog articles on a variety of topics from the impact of women in comics to how to write a stellar online dating profile. One of the most interesting projects I worked on was ghostwriting romance novels and sci-fi short stories which I would excitedly share with you if I could!

I launched my own blog back around 2010 and ran it for a little over five years, focusing on the writing and publishing industry in young adult fiction. During this time my blog became popular and successful enough that in 2012 I was invited to guest as a judge on the young adult fiction panel for the annual CYBILS Awards. I was extremely honored.

Writing permeates every aspect of my day job as an Instructional Designer. I write content for education, presentations, scripts for audio and video recordings, posters, websites, and course descriptions. I weave stories through the training course to better cement the desired behavior change. I use humor and emotion to develop characters people can relate to while learning new skills. And then I write persuasive marketing copy to encourage employees to take the training not just because they have to, but because they are genuinely curious.

And now I want to write for you.

► I have a BA in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Linguistics and a minor in Communications. I earned my Master of Education in 2018 from Purdue University in Learning Design & Technology.

Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Website Copy, Case Study, Ad/Promotional Copy, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide, Presentation, Infographic, Explainer Video, Narrative Video, Checklist
More Information
Purdue University, M.S. Ed in Learning Design and Technology
University of Nebraska at Omaha, B.A. in English
Portland, OR, USA|English

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