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Spenser is the Founder of Bbm Publishing House LLC, a company dedicated to the creation and development of businesses through online marketing. We provide freelance services like writing, editing, social media management, proofreading, video content, email marketing and so much more. We are your one-stop shop for creativity and brand development. We also offer printing services for business cards, brochures and all of your other printing needs.
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Website Copy, Blog Post, Article, Graphic, Press Release, Presentation, Landing Page, Ebook, Direct Mail, General Video, Infographic, Interview, Music Video
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American School of Journalism, Associates in Business Writing and Journalism
Arizona City, AZ 85123, USA|English

Creative Content

Reel Robinson

My Lifestyle column on TheRichest.com. My column consisted of lifestyle pieces and current event pieces.

March, 31 2016
Top 5 NBA Point Guards to Take Leap Forward During the 2018/19 Season
August, 10 2018
Why Should the Boston Celtics Be Disappointed If They Do Not Win an NBA Title next Season?
August, 10 2018
Website Copy
Business Qulture

Blog dedicated to digital marketing and small business development.

August, 12 2018
Website Copy
Welcome to Vistoso Trails

Designed website and wrote and edited content. Manage resident registration and communicated customer service through email and phone.

Direct Mail
Welcome to J.D. Mellberg Financial

Served as Ghostwriter for marketing newsletters and email newsletter campagins.

March, 15 2018
Website Copy
Ankle and Foot Treatment(Web Copy)

Writer and Editor of Website content and copy. The designer of web pages and videographer for the commercial on the HOME page.

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Website Copy
Five content ideas that will generate new traffic for your business

Content creation will set your business apart from your competitors. Posting new content on a consistent basis helps to build familiarity with your audience. Your audience is most important, focus on providing value and assuring your customers can rely on your information.

Ad/Promotional Copy
Learn More ABOUT JR. Buckets Health & Hoops Club

Promotional presentation to generate sponsorships for local non-profit organization.

August, 19 2018
Reel Robinson

We write content for a wide range of subjects and publications.

August, 10 2018
Blog Post
A Journey to a More Mindful Existance

Mindful practices can improve your business as well as your daily life. Learning to take moments to reflect and breathe leads to better or more sound decision making.

August, 19 2018

Portfolio Work

The Relevancy of BlacKkKlansman

Opinion Column/ Film Review Published on CollegeNews.com

August, 22 2018
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Blog Post
4 Types to not take retirement advice from

Editor and writer of this blog for one of my clients.

February, 9 2018
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RTE Client Powerpoint

Client Presentation created by our team for a Digital Marketing Firm.

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Marketing Content: Video Production

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