Spenser Robinson

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Videographer, Writer, Graphic Designer

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Spenser is the Founder of Bbm Publishing House LLC, a company dedicated to the creation and development of businesses through online marketing. We provide freelance services like writing, editing, social media management, proofreading, video content, email marketing and so much more. We are your one-stop shop for creativity and brand development. We also offer printing services for business cards, brochures and all of your other printing needs.
Content Types
Website Copy, Blog Post, Article, Graphic, Press Release, Presentation, Landing Page, Ebook, Direct Mail, General Video, Infographic, Interview, Music Video
More Information
American School of Journalism, Associates in Business Writing and Journalism
Google , Goole Analytics Certofication
Udemy , Master of UX Design
Location|English, French

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