Marija Krosnjar

Where Fashion is a Sport

From a young age my mother had always taught me to put my best “fashion” foot forward no matter what the situation. I’m a, dare to say it, thirty-something fashion fiend, who has always been inspired by decadent clothing.
Whats a sports junkie by day and a fashionista by night supposed to do? In 2012 I decided to fuse my love for both the fashion and sport industry. Sportsanista started as a platform for me to provide helpful insight on avoiding the dreaded fashion cliches of women who work in sports. Today it has evolved into a street style fashion page focusing on current trends, whether you’re a corporate gal or a fist-pumping sport fan. Sportsanista is an approachable brand that shares affordable and accessible fashion finds, beauty tips and game-day fashion.
Channel your inner sportsanista!
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