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Networking in the Millennium Age

I initially was going to undertake this opportunity as a way to make some extra money since I definitely needed that and a lot of the traditional methods of making money aren't really necessarily open to me for various reasons. But I'm right on the very edge of finally being able to realize my dream as far as being able to make income is concerned, which is self-emloyment, in particular through digital, or electronic means, online, via of course phone or computer. My business presence will be mainly focused on sales/ promotions. Anyway though, that being said, seeing how I'm on the verge of doing this, I decided to do a little experimentation, which isn't necessarily a bad quality when you're going into the business world, especially as an entrepreneur. So explaining a little bit further, what that means is that instead of assuming my regular, given birth name, or something similar, instead I chose to opt for integrating my business name and business presence that I will be using for my sales / promotion work and online presence to help in hopefully making my name and brand grow and build in all aspects of what I'm trying to do as far as work, especially electronically. So therefore, this may be quite an unconventional approach and not something that I definitely will be doing for the long haul, especially due to the fact that my efforts to create my very own entrepreneurial platform is in the final stages of finally becoming a reality, and it's been a long road indeed but I am very thankful for everything and that that road and chapter is near it's end ready to begin a new one. and it's been a long road and deed that I am very thankful for everything that road for that chapter is nearest in ready to begin a new one. So ironically, this is one of the jobs that may probably help me to cross that bridge finally, or at the very least maybe an added option, because I need as many as I can get at this point, just trying to survive from day to day, especially financially until I'm finally able to launch myself and get from ground level. That being said, I do see my online business being a successful one due to how much time I put in it and due to the fact that when I do a job it's very important to me that the finished product of my work is well done, so I said that as further commentary for my bio for all potential clients to understand that whatever job I'm given to do, it will be a good job if I do it cause not only is that something that's been taught to me to be something important to me, but by choosing to use my business name in my profile my brand is now also on the line as well and so my brand is something I'm concerned only with building positively to the best of my abilities within my power and ethics and values, so if you've read everything up to this point, or just read enough to want to conduct any level of potential business or interaction with me please feel free to do so and I will get back with you at my nearest availability. Thank You
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