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Youtuber, Tutor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Software Engineer
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University of Kerala, MBA HR & Marketing
India Hook, SC USA|English, Hindi, Malayalam

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Explainer Video
Python : Strings
March, 26 2018
Coir industry in Kerala
November, 14 2010
Onam : The State Festival
September, 5 2011
Blog Post
NCERT 11th Class : Laws of Motion - I : Newton's First Law of Motion
December, 20 2017
Narrative Video
NCERT 12th Class : Ray Optics & Optical Instruments - II : Refraction & Total Internal Reflection

In this blog, mainly youtube educational videos are included along with some theory in textform in some posts.

January, 2 2019
Blog Post
Mullackal Chirappu at Alappuzha

This blog gives my perspectives about my native place Kerala.

November, 21 2010
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