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Hello, i am a of certified Google advertising developers who are trained at the Google Skillshop academy network: Google Ads, Google Analytics Academy, YouTube Creator Academy and others. I specialize on the promotion of sites on the Google search engine, including Google’s affiliate networks, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and digital analytics (analysis of advertising companies, attempts to identify their strengths and weaknesses and so on). I negotiate with various divisions of Google, and services that are part of these divisions (googlemarketing platform, google ad manager). More on my skills:
1 Google Ads search Certification. This is a certificate attesting to the presence of skills in advertising in the Google search engine, and its affiliate networks, the ability to work with an advanced Google advertising account for experienced marketers. In it, advertising is configured for certain devices, operating systems, Internet providers, interests, and the behavior of future customers (for example, frequent visitors to premium beauty salons, people planning to buy a car or recently bought it, and so on), their income levels, education, home ownership status , business ownership, obtaining loans for advertising from Google, if you meet certain requirements, working with keywords, extensions, the ability to work with the technical components of the search google ads: tracking templates, tracking suffixes, advanced url options, and so on.
2 Google Ads Display Certification. This is a certificate attesting to the ability to work with the Google Display Network (2 million most visited sites, videos, Internet applications), the ability to work with graphic, animated, responsive ads, structured descriptions, dynamic ads, dynamic search ads, extensions: prices, forms, promotions and so on
3 Google Ads Mobile Certification. This is a certificate testifying to the ability to work with mobile advertising: ad formats, bidding, targeting, evaluating the effectiveness and optimization of mobile campaigns.
4 Google Ads Video Certification. This is a certificate testifying to the ability to work with video ads on YouTube, and in partner video resources of Google, and its various types, such as: In-Stream, Discovery, Out-Stream, creating TrueView for Action companies, working with a coverage planner, and much more.
5 Google Analytics Individual Qualification. This is a certificate attesting to the basic knowledge of the Google Analytics service, such as: compiling segments, summaries, saved reports, reports (there are more than 80 of them), filter settings, cohort analysis and so on.
6 Mobile Sites Certification. This is a certificate testifying to the ability to create mobile sites, and optimize them for modern operating systems, mobile devices on such world-famous platforms as wix (227th position in the Alexa ranking, Wix recommends using Google, and Facebook, Wix is ​​listed on the Nasdaq New York Stock Exchange), WordPress (49th place in the Alexa ranking, more than 35% of websites are hosted on WordPress servers, holdings like UPS, IBM, Spotify and others are located on it). Even if you have a site on WordPress or sites of the new version of Google, we highly recommend you to get another one on wix. A good example of this multiple sites owning can be all the major Google companies, Microsoft, Apple who own a whole network of sites. And they are very successful. It is extremely difficult to be prosperous in the 21st century, if you are limited to managing one brand. Contact us! I hope together we can build a strong company that brings great benefits to the world, and financial benefits to you!
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