Stefan Japelj

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

Experienced writer, editor, social media manager and digital marketer!

I have finished Masters in marketing, as I am passionate about marketing, especially the digital side of it. I have extensive experience in managing social media, writing content, editing content and digital marketing.
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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Graphic, Social Card, Infographic, Commercial
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Faculty of Economics, Master degree in business economics
Ljubljana, Slovenia|English, Slovenian

Published Content

Park Chu-young: South Korea’s golden boy that ended as one of the worst Arsenal players!
June, 17 2014
Players that José Mourinho actually promoted through academy!
July, 5 2016
Blog Post
Freddy Adu: The story of the most overrated football talent in the world!

A lengthy blog post about a football player that supposed to be the best ever perspective player, but ended up as a bellow average football player.

April, 10 2015
Blog Post
The story of Adriano Leite Ribeiro!

Lengthy blog post about a former football player Adriano and his story in professional football.

August, 6 2016
Video: Vinicius Jr controversially doesn’t get penalty vs Real Sociedad!

Very short article about a short video taken from Real Madrid's match against Real Sociedad.

January, 6 2019
Gif: Lionel Messi shows awesome vision with incredible pass to Suarez!

A short article based on one special pass from Lionel Messi (GIF).

January, 6 2019
Blog Post
Amantino Mancini: The story of dribbling and disgrace!

A lengthy blog post about a former player of AS Roma, who's career ended in a bizarre way.

June, 11 2018
Alexis Sanchez attacks The Sun of giving fake news!
December, 21 2018
Rodrigo Caio had medical with Barcelona, but they signed Murillo instead!

Wrote a short article about a football player that nearly joined FC Barcelona.

December, 28 2018
Espirito Santo will try to stop Spurs title push!

Wrote an article about Wolves manager talking about a match against Tottenham in a Premier League match!

December, 28 2018
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