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I have entered the world of Content Writing in 2011. Everything started with that famous catch phrase - "Content is the King!". At first, I was writing about real estate market for the most renowned newspaper in Eastern Europe.

As an Office Manager, I realized that the internet has evolved so much that, without much convincing, I started learning Social Media, SEO and WordPress.

Then I had a chance to do something a bit more creative - Game Designer. I wrote three games, all of them published by Big Fish, and I moved on to Copywriting for 14 limo industry clients in the US.

You name it - I have done it all since 2011 - Content, SEO, Social Media, Proofreading, Translating... My BA in Marketing always comes in handy when in need of judging what will work for the client.

The most important lesson I've learned? Deadlines should always be taken seriously​.

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