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Writer with an easy conversational style and a nerd-like research obsession. Also: Nomad.

Born in Vancouver, Canada. In September, 2015, I went nomad to see the world. Since then, I've lived in 24 countries and over 50 cities, from Albania to Cambodia.

Beyond my global travels, I've travelled coast-to-coast in my motherland, Canada. From lobster-shack roadtrips to a getting stuck behind a jackknifed rig in the middle of the Canadian Rockies during the first winter storm and watching the Northern Lights from the Midnight Dome in the Yukon on a late-summer night, I've done my travel duty as a Canadian.

My passions are essays and blog posts blending travel locations, experience, society, and observations for unique stories. My knack for research coupled with my personable tone makes my copy both informative and engaging.

My bread and butter is freelance journalism and writing content for brands to meet their marketing needs.

I've only been a freelancer since Jan. 2017, and I've been featured in the Washington Post, Vox Media, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, Canadian Traveller, and Culture Cheese Magazine. I write copy regularly for a company that performs social media moderation services for giants like Starbucks, Disney, Sony, GM, the Olympics, and more.

I'm a versatile writer with a witty, conversational style, and a nerd-like obsession with research. How can I help you?
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Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Journalism

Articles and Blog Posts

Taiwan Culture & Tradition

USA Today. Taiwan is an ancient culture with indigenous roots and colonial influences. Here's what to know before travelling there.

August, 6 2018
When to Go to Kenya for a Safari

USA Today. A safari trip may be once-in-a-lifetime for you, so choosing when to visit Kenya could make or break that dream adventure.

August, 6 2018
The Best Time to Travel to Colombia

USA Today. Whether traveling based on weather or for cultural events, when to go is often critical for a great trip. Here's when to go to Colombia!

August, 6 2018
About Ghana in West Africa

USA Today. History, culture, foods, fun facts, and more, about this great country that's so travel-friendly it's often considered "Beginner Africa" for the uninitiated.

August, 6 2018
A List of Historical Landmarks in Washington State

USA Today. A list of some of Washington State's great historical landmarks for those wanting to explore.
Lighthouses in the Hamptons

Travel information with history, location, and stories for lighthouses in the Hamptons.

August, 6 2018
Top Ten Places to Go in Spain

USA Today. Popular destinations, and off-the-beaten-path ones, in Spain.

August, 6 2018
The Best Time to Travel to Jordan

When to travel to Jordan, travel facts, and interesting tidbits.

August, 6 2018
I’m A Fat Nomad And The World Is Mine
January, 6 2018
Jian Versus the CBC
October, 27 2014
Blog Post
Where to Eat and Drink in Victoria, BC

This is one of the articles that performs best in search engines on BC's top-ranked blog and is a round up of Victoria, BC's fantastic little food scene.

April, 19 2016
Blog Post
Summer at the Magnolia Hotel in Victoria

I received a complimentary stay at this four-star hotel and wrote a sponsored review for Vancouver's top-ranked blog.

May, 3 2016
Blog Post
Where to Eat and Drink in Kelowna

Travel blog post written for Vancouver's top-ranked blog.

October, 3 2017
Out-of-Office: Please Come Clean
December, 22 2017
London: Of Goodbyes, Ghosts, and Graveyards
February, 24 2016
Why Can’t I Find Clothes As a Plus-Size World Traveler?
April, 28 2017
Future Looms Large for South Africa’s Rio Largo
December, 21 2016
The Messy Person's Guide
June, 11 2015
Simple Steps for Getting Serious with Clutter
September, 4 2014
Unmerciful World
February, 2 2014
Just Do It: The Move-in Deep-Cleaning
August, 9 2013
5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Reputation Management Company
February, 13 2018

Some OCR challenges with this but i's a full-print magazine article in Canadian Traveller, about 2,800 words. My photography as well.

November, 1 2017
5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Yelp Reviews
April, 24 2017
Your brand has negative Yelp reviews? Here’s what to do.
November, 7 2017
Holiday Social Media Moderation - It's Never Too Early to Protect Your Brand
August, 17 2017
Instagram Shopping - How It Will Impact Your Brand
April, 19 2017
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