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Artistic approach to reality

Art is a lifestyle, both tactile and illusion. A way of demonstrating a theory, a manifestation of an ideal. I have devoted my life to this field. Exploring different paths to the same source. Its name ever changing, like its form.
Call it beauty, call it ecstasy, call it god.

My education included studies in ceramics, photography, design, painting and traditional medicine. I began traveling to further my knowledge of different cultures, religions and art forms. I spent many years learning their culture and religion, forms of meditation, art, and dance. The traditions of China and Tibet as well as their art forms are very influential in my work and style. I studied at Tibet University in Lhasa, majoring in Tibetan Language and minoring in oil painting. I also learned Traditional Tibetan Thangka painting at Danba Raodan’ Traditional Thangka institute.

I have recently completed exhibitions in the USA, Greece, Egypt, and China. I enjoy finding similarities between cultures and religions and incorporating them into my visual art pieces. In an effort to establish common threads that bind all of humanity. I use art as a tool to challenge common perspectives. To inspire fresh relationships and promote harmony.
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