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While others in math class were groaning about story problems, I would gleefully read about Juan and his oranges or Rebecca and her favorite pencils. Instead of focusing on the math when Juan gave away four of his oranges, I would play the scene out in my mind. Was it a benevolent Juan rewarding kind and loyal friends with his coveted oranges? Or maybe he was spiteful, giving away ruined, bitter fruits. I loved digging into the backstory and the logic of each question. It is this curiosity that continues to drive me as a professional communicator.

I'd love to help you make the most of your words — whether that's through writing, editing or strategizing. I have spent many years honing my skills as a journalist, marketer, social media consultant, public relations specialist and communication consultant.
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Wayne State University, MA - Communication, Social Science
Northern Michigan University, BS - Creative Writing; BS - Psychology
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO USA|English, French

Published Content

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No One Likes a Mean Girl, but We'll Still Watch Her

This article explores a recently published study on film characters, gender and perceptions. I wrote this on spec. This is the unedited (i.e., this reflects how I submit work) version.

October, 31 2018

#sidehustle delves into the realities of film producing and how many stay afloat through taking on side work. I was contacted by the author of the piece to do a developmental edit — she was looking for assistance in framing the article and fleshing out key points. I advised and rewrote a majority of the article after a few quick discussions.

September, 20 2018
Blog Post
Let Your Customers Do the Talking

I pitched and wrote this post based on the increasing importance of reviews in customer satisfaction — as well as acquisition.

August, 21 2016
Website Copy
Welcome to the University of Michigan Aphasia Program!

This web copy was developed for a program landing page with the dual goal of informing about the program while also generating leads. I tapped into user data to build a content strategy, pitched it and then wrote the content.

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Ad/Promotional Copy
An Economy of Scales: A look at the food fish industry in Michigan

I produced this with the Michigan Sea Grant team for the first annual Michigan Seafood Summit. I proposed and wrote all content and worked with the graphic designer to provide art direction. The magazine was printed and available online.
Charting New Media on a Vulnerability Spectrum

I developed a communication theory regarding human interactions. I proposed a vulnerability spectrum, comparing computer mediation communication/new media tools to face-to-face, non-mediated interactions. Simply stated, this is the theory: In all communication we experience a level of personal risk. On one end of that spectrum is vulnerability; the other is safety. The horizontal axis is control in interactions, operationalized as clean on one end and messy on the other. This was a project I immensely enjoyed that I completed while at Wayne State University.

April, 22 2016
Blog Post
REBECCA GREEN: Cannes – From an Invisible Producer’s Perspective

This essay details a film producer's experience at the Cannes film festival. The author, a producer of the hit horror film "It Follows," tasked me with helping her put her thoughts into a cohesive essay. She had a good idea of what she wanted to say, so I coached her on developing a rough draft and then copy edited to improve flow and add polish. This was initially published by Film Independent in 2014, who noted it was one of their most visited, shared and comment upon posts for more than a year. The author asked to republish it in 2018 with an updated introduction. The original article launched a great collaboration. The author and I have worked together on many writing and marketing projects since, including the launch of

May, 25 2018
Rocks in the River: More About Native Fish Restoration

This article was part of a series on habitat restoration produced for Michigan Sea Grant.

June, 24 2016
Return of the Gentle Giants

This article provides an overview of habitat restoration in the St. Clair River with the aim of bringing native sturgeon back to the river. I produced this as part of my work for Michigan Sea Grant.

August, 27 2012
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