Stephen Machan

Passionate writer that likes to blend Philosophy, Science, Ethics, and the Mundane

I'm a born and raised Ontario boy, who's spent most of his life in the rural area outside of Kingston.

I received an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Lakehead University and am currently nearing the completion of my Master's degree in Public Ethics from the University of Ottawa.

I've worked as a personal support worker for people with special needs for over half a decade, and have started blogging again.

Science has always been a passion of mine and I'm a voracious reader of popular science texts which formulate the general understanding that can be applied to philosophical topics.

That is the subject matter of much of my writing, including my upcoming major research paper on how cuteness effects moral choice.

I love writing about the environment, science, philosophy, skepticism, morality, applied ethics, and how science, philosophy and skepticism applies to everyday life.
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