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An expert in technology with a passion for writing. I write tech blog posts, articles, and smartphone guides for Gadget Hacks/WonderHowTo.

I grew up with a passion for computers, video games, and all other electronics that came with the territory — I'm obsessed with technology in general. At a young age growing up in the ’90s, I was able to do things like building a computer from scratch, fully maintaining it on my own, and tweaking it to my heart's content. Fast forward to present day, I've taken that passion and built upon it even more by continuing to learn as much as possible while keeping up with the latest tech trends and gadgets of today. Everyone around me knows that I'm the “go to” tech guy when it comes to solving problems, fixing things, and answering questions — especially now in this era of smartphones.

I've been with Android since it was officially introduced to the public in late 2008 with the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1). Since I have a previous background in customizing my devices of the past, being able to also do this with smartphones got me instantly hooked from day one. I will always be fascinated with rooting, modding, and customizing all of my smartphones as much as possible. If you're interested in the idea of unlocking bootloaders, gaining root access, flashing kernels, using custom recoveries, tweaking every aspect of your device, or just working with mods in general — I'm the person you can trust to be a leader in that field at all times.

The core definition of the Android operating system is to give each user the complete freedom to choose a device that fits their lifestyle while being able to customize it for their particular needs. The power of choice and the flexibility to use a wide range of devices without being locked down by company restrictions — this is the greater appeal of why Android is the most versatile mobile operating system out there to date. There is literally a smartphone for everyone with a million and one choices to pick from in a variety of different form factors.
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