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Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer

Writer and Editor with 15 years Experience

Good Day,
See my comprehensive resume and samples at
Recently I have worked as the senior copywriter for Ancient Life Inc (Pinnertest and Virgin Wheat) and agencies Elemerce and Adaptivity Pro. I was the lead writer for IT Trailblazers and have worked freelance for various agencies and product lines utilizing Amazon as a jumping off point. (parent ad creation for lines such as Guinness, InRoad Toys, Mutant Brand and others)
Overall, I am driving new, unique, visitors to the websites and growing the business in the process. I am engaged in rewriting the content as necessary for USA, UK and European Union markets and developing a brand from the ground up, both in retail packaging and online.
Please see my samples related to technology. I have written white papers in the past, and much in the way of telecom and data management. I was the on-call technical writer for IT Trailblazers, editing and writing for science and technology. Please see my technology samples and SEO intensive website content.
With fifteen years’ experience in editorial services, my work has covered many genres and styles. In writing, I have authored White Papers, successful NSF grants and RFP’s, technical business materials, and sector-specific technical marketing content. In many forms, I have authored regulatory applications and briefs. In the website sector, I have written articles, blog posts, web pages, and How-Tos. For more business orientated materials, I have written B2B content in technical areas, such as software and user guides. In sales and marketing, there have been fun and engaging marketing and PR pieces. I have written for genres from Science Fiction to Light Bulbs and crafted pieces that can be used for many types of businesses.
One of my strengths is SEO, which has been utilized in several ways. The most notable is blog post ranking of the first page of Google (links will be provided). I tend to write technically but can work in HTML and XML. I know how to craft copy that would work on a website or in a brochure. I am familiar with press releases and business plans, and I can build strategic plans or regulatory documentation such as RFP’s and proposals, and grants. I have the skills to develop website blogs and articles to their highest potential. I have a great deal of experience in complex subjects, such as – science, math, pharmacology, health, and medicine.
In editing, I know what is accurate in complex subjects, with a keen eye for grammar and language. Always accurate and on-time, my work is always published.
Thank you for reviewing my credentials.

Content Types
Guide, Landing Page, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Press Release, Email Newsletter
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June 15th, 2019
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