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Content writer specializing in the built environment, health and fitness, outdoor pursuits, and recreational vehicles.

I work as a writer with a focus on the built environment—architecture, construction, and urban planning. I also have a keen interest in outdoor fun (think Outside magazine), health and fitness, and recreational vehicles (RVs).

My experience stretches back more than 20 years and encompasses a huge variety of writing projects. When I started as a writer in the marketing department of a software company, I was fortunate to learn to write newsletters, web site copy, direct mail copy, catalog copy, presentation copy, and white papers. Since then I've written blog posts, articles, brochures, ebooks, and so on as a freelance writer. I am proficient at research and interviewing, and I think especially proficient at hooking the reader.

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Article, Blog Post, Case Study, Ebook, Explainer Video, General Video, Infographic Copy, Script, Website Copy, Whitepaper
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University of Northern Iowa, Bachelor of Arts
Dolores, CO USA|English

Published Content

Analytics in the Construction Sector
May, 25 2017
Can Better Technology Eliminate False Fire Alarms?
March, 10 2017
Passive House Standards Make Net-Zero Easier
February, 11 2016
Design Elements Directly Impact Human Health
August, 9 2016
Security and Risk Compliance Must Not Be Ignored
March, 7 2017
Are Prefab Homes Ready for the Mass Market?
February, 25 2014
Will Your Next House Be Printed?
May, 1 2014
A Simpler Approach to Better Buildings
June, 17 2014
Paolo Soleri’s Vision of Sustainable Cities
June, 9 2014
Wikihouse Concept Could Provide Housing Solutions for All
June, 10 2014
Walkable Cities Make for Better Cities
December, 11 2013
Trees and Parks Make People Happier and Healthier
January, 21 2014
Does LEED-ND Work for Established Neighborhoods?
April, 16 2014
metrics for great cities
December, 20 2013
Will the Residents of Tomorrow’s Cities Be Starved of Sunlight?
January, 7 2016
Could Shipping Containers Revolutionise Infrastructure Projects?
October, 3 2016
Tall Tower Design Aims to Improve Health
March, 17 2016
Do Passive Houses Cause Health Problems?
August, 4 2015
Blog Post
Why Tiny Houses Are Stupid

A post I wrote after building and living in two tiny houses and new seeing their major drawbacks.

September, 9 2018
15 Healthy Habits: Simple Steps for Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight and True Health

Links to my first ebook, which is about achieving and maintaining health and fitness with a simple approach.

July, 7 2012
Blog Post
Four Ideas for Greener Cities

A post with four good ideas for greener cities.

August, 16 2018
Blog Post
Tiny Homes and Green Neighborhoods

Musings on different approaches to tiny homes and their environmental footprint.

August, 17 2018
Looking to the Village for Tomorrow’s City Design

An article about how Paris grew from a collection of villages and how that approach may work today.

April, 22 2014
Metal Box Used as a Comfortable, Inexpensive Home

Article about a shipping container home in Salt Lake City.

May, 28 2014
Landscaping the Developing World

Article for client about landscape architecture and the developing world.

February, 24 2014
Is Passive Solar Design Irrelevant?

Article for client about passive solar design.

January, 28 2016
Beautiful Architecture Positively Affects Human Health

Article for client.

February, 4 2016
Sustainable Development Trends Are Improving the Built Environment
March, 7 2017
Are “Plyscrapers” Coming to Your City?
December, 5 2014
Ad/Promotional Copy
Preparing Your Team for the Field with 360° Safety Training

Technology tools such as 360° cameras can aid construction firms in improving job-site safety.

August, 3 2017
Is Coworking the Future of the Office?

Technology has enabled knowledge workers to work anywhere, and many are now choosing co-working spaces instead of or in addition to a traditional office or home office.

March, 28 2017
The Shared Economy Model in Housing

This article addresses the efficacy of applying the shared economy model to housing, especially in expensive locales where housing affordability is a challenge.

July, 4 2017
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This is a small compilation of some articles and blog posts I have written. Many more are available in my CV and at my website,

June, 27 2018
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