Steve King

A talented writer, both creative and Freelance, who loves covering a multitude of topics.

With a childhood grounded in the peaceful, predictable, family-centered, Eisenhower 1950's, I was raised in the surfing environment of Hermosa Beach, California. I attended high school and college in the tumultuous 1960's, finishing at UCLA with a BA in psychology. Twenty-eight years later, I earned my Masters in Public Administration at California State University at Dominguez Hills.

In between, I worked in aerospace for eighteen years and later the government (low-income housing) for another seventeen years. Currently I am retired from full time work and live in the Philippines part time. I love to travel and enjoy touring the US, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and Asia.

I now have three self-published Amazon eBooks (reviews available on Amazon and Goodreads). I have also written book reviews which were published by Hollywood Billboard. I have written a couple of screenplays. More recently, I have been doing freelance writing and have several published articles. I also now have my own blog.
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