Steve Walker

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Writer

B2B Case Studies, White Papers, Grants / Consumer Articles for PR

I enjoy writing compelling business-to-business copy that can make the reader feel they must have your product or service. User Reports or Case Studies are great at communicating that message. White papers demonstrate that you really understand the customer's problem and all the different ways it can be addressed.

I also like writing for consumer publications. I write about the things I know and like. Music is a favorite subject, as well as computer-related subjects.

I've worked as both an editor and a publisher for books. I have published over 30 books (not as a vanity publisher) and have edited dozens for other authors, sometimes as a developmental editor, sometimes as a copy or content editor.

I also specialize in placing PR articles for companies in both consumer and trade publications, whichever is appropriate. Case Studies, User Reports, etc. are easy to place when you know how to approach the publication or website.
Content Types
Case Study, Commercial, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy
More Information
University of Texas at Dallas, Bachelor's Degree Computer Science
Dallas, TX, USA|English

Published Content

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Page Layout
Passion Poetry

Page layout, editing, publishing Passion Poetry book by Dallas celebrity Rudy V.

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Page Layout

Page layout and editing for novel titled "Relic" by author Kathleen R. West.

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Page Layout
Vince Vance Rock & Roll Reader

Page layout, editing, publishing for the Vince Vance Rock & Roll Reader, a book of children's stories written by the consummate performer with the tall hair, and composer of the #1 Christmas song of all time, "ALl I Want For Christmas is You."

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Buyers Guide
The Underground Shopper

Edited and page layout for eight books in the Underground Shopper series. Some were local shopping guides in markets like Dallas and Houston, and some were national in scope.

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LeAnn Rimes Parade/React

Published in a publication targeted to teens called "React" (Parade Publications), a second interview piece with then-teenage-sensation LeAnn Rimes.

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Broadcast Engineering KLIF

Published in the trade journal "Broadcast Engineering," an article about an AM radio station's transmitter site just outside Dallas, Texas. It's interesting because there are only two sites in the country with as many towers and there is a great story told about the days before the site went on the air.

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Libera Sponsorship Proposal

A proposal I created to solicit corporate sponsorships for a boys choir from London England. Sponsorships were needed to fund the group's U.S. tour in the summer of 2019.

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Guideposts For Kids Moffatts

An early interview piece with an incredible young vocal group (all grown up now though). I followed them on their tour through South Texas and spent some quality time with the boys and their father-manager.

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Girls' Life LeAnn Rimes

I wrote this early in my career on the then-newcomer to the country music scene LeAnn Rimes. She was only 14 years old when I did the interview. As I remember her publicist had her bus stop and find a payphone so she could call me from the road on her first major tour.

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