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Sex is more than a taboo advertising gimmick; it's my special interest. I've spent most of my life puzzling out the mysteries of relationships, including all the complicated and messy ways humans come together. For roughly a decade, I've worked within the adult industry:

-reviewing sex toys and erotica,
-teaching sex/kink education,
-freelancing in adult social media marketing,
-writing shopping guides and product copy for adult toys,
-penning essays about sexual health and erotica about queer, trans sexual encounters,
-and even shilling dildos in sex toy retail chains.

I'm a fat, Disabled, fierce, white, nonbinary, queer femme from the Southeast. In addition to speaking with experience about sexual matters, I also write regularly to my Twitter audience about nonbinary trans issues & allyship, sexual identity, sex worker's rights, mental health and illness, chronic pain and disability, abusive relationships, poverty and housing insecurity, and even professional tips such as how to provide accessible content to customers or ask clients to pay more for their work.

Let me bring my decade of adult industry and writing expertise to your business. If your brand needs a relatable, sex-positive, quirky voice to spread your message of personal empowerment, you'll make a huge splash speaking for you!
Content Types
Guide, Article, Product Description, Presentation, Buyers Guide, Social Copy, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic
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Western Carolina University, Coursework in Social Work
Southwestern Community College, Web Technology
Southwestern Community College, Associate of Liberal Arts
Portland, OR, USA|English

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