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Susan Anderson started Triumph Communications in 2005 upon realizing this Internet thing was here to stay and that there sure was a lot of horrid content already clogging it up. She started off as a solo writer, creating so much highly rated content for clients that she rose to the top spot on Guru.

That was enough to build some confidence and credibility, and she decided Triumph should serve more and better clients… and that she couldn’t do it alone. Switching to an agency model made bigger wins possible—for the clients and the writers. Of course, now the hitch was finding great writers to add to the team.

Seemed like the next logical step was to create a course to show others who love to write how to get paid for their words. Two birds, one stone! Her You Write, They Pay book and course has trained hundreds of freelance writers how to build businesses of their own… and some of those students have become part of the Triumph team in the process.

Even though she’s a bit of a hermit, she’s enjoyed presenting online and in-person training on freelance writing as part of Eben Pagan’s Traffic School and Ignition programs and Coffee Shop Millionaire. She was even flown to Fiji to teach there.

Susan splits her time between Huntsville, Alabama, and the Tri-Cities area of Eastern Tennessee. Mom to two teens and a small ark’s worth of animals, she counts walking on fire and breaking a wooden arrow with her throat as piece-of-cake accomplishments in comparison. If she’s not writing, she’s probably taking a long walk with the love of her life, trying to convince her chickens to weed the garden, or wiping drool off of her 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop, Miss Mabel (built by said love of her life).
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