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Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer, Managing Editor, Content Strategist, Technical Writer

Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Writer, Content Strategy Writer, Social Media Writer, Website Content Writer, SEO Writer, Ghostwriter, eBook and Printed Book Writer

I have over ten years of experience as a content writer. I specialize in crafting content for clients whose businesses deal with products and services in the lifestyle industries. I am a member of the Association for Garden Communicators, formerly known as the Garden Writers Association (GWA.)

I combine my knowledge of web writing with the exceptional research skills I got from college and graduate school. I currently write for clients in the United States, the UK, and Canada. I can write in American or British English.

I've written many thousands of blog posts for e-commerce businesses, brick and mortar stores, and for local businesses that want to expand their reach through their websites.

I also write content for newsletters, brochures, eBooks, print books, articles, product descriptions, service descriptions, and general website content, including everything from landing pages to category pages.

I want every client I work with to be thrilled with the finished content I give them, and I will revise my work whenever necessary, and as long as the revisions I do fit the scope of the original instructions I received when a client chose me to to be their writer.
Content Types
Blog Post, Press Release, Website Copy, Buyers Guide, Ebook, Product Description, Guide, Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Presentation, Social Copy, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Live Event, Recipe, Landing Page, Checklist, Email Newsletter, Social Card, Infographic
More Information
Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University , B. Music in Music History
University of Iowa Center for the Book, Graduate Certificate in Book Arts
Temple, TX, USA|English, French, Latin

Published Content

Blog Post
Top 10 Short Hairstyles For Women To Rock Today

Blog about the top ten short hairstyles for 2019

March, 27 2019
Blog Post
What Are the Requirements for Organic Certification?

This blog post outlines the federal requirements for organic certification.

February, 14 2019
Blog Post
Is it ripe?

This blog post helps readers know how to spot ripe produce when it is in season.

July, 27 2017
Blog Post
How Can Farmers Deal With the CDC’s Romaine Lettuce Safety Alert?

This blog post talks about the lack of recordkeeping that led to the crisis with Romaine Lettuce. Small farms need to adopt a blockchain type of record so they can trace the source of problems in seconds - instead of days, weeks, or months.

December, 17 2018
Blog Post
Using Companion Planting to Eliminate the Need for Herbicides, Insecticides and Pesticides

Blog post that explains how companion planting can eliminate the need for chemical herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides.

November, 27 2018
The Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant for Fall Color

This article talks about trees that add fall color to a landscape for enhanced seasonal interest.

October, 22 2014
Does Overcrowding Plants Affect Their Growth?

Information about plant distances and how crowding can be good and bad for plants.
Buyers Guide
Best Holiday Gifts for Small Space Renters

Gift shopping ideas for people who live in apartments or other small spaces.

December, 19 2014
Difference Between a Hardy Hibiscus and Tropical Hibiscus

This post explains the differences between tropical and hardy hibiscuses. These differences are significant because they will have an impact on how successfully hibiscuses grow in different places.
Brown Spots on Succulents

Advice about the causes of brown spots on succulents.
What Kind of Acid Is Used to Clean & Brighten Aluminum?

Acid products that are good for cleaning aluminum.
What Causes Stephanotis Leaves to Yellow?

Causes of Stephanotis leaf yellowing.
What Weed Has a Round Prickly Seed Pod?

This article asks the question about a weed that has a prickly seed pod. The answer is Datura - also known as Devil's Trumpet.

September, 21 2017
The Importance of Water in Seeds Germination

The article explains the role of water in helping to soften the hard seed coating that protects the embryo inside it.
Blog Post
The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

This short blog post talks about stylish hairstyles and haircuts for women over 50.

December, 1 2015
Blog Post
The Importance of Using Sunscreen in Fall and Winter

This blog post discusses the importance of using sunscreen - even in the winter.

November, 30 2015
What Is the Difference Between a Mum & a Chrysanthemum?
December, 16 2012
The Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant for Fall Color
October, 22 2014
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