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Suzy is an experienced English content writer with 1+ years, she can help you to write a clear and unique marketing copy that meet your customers' needs and raise the conversion rate. she wrote at since 2018. he specializes in productivity, online business, entrepreneurship, social media and content marketing. she believes in the power of engaging content to change peoples' mindset and make the world a better place.
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Self Development

How to Handle Your Emotional Intelligence Effectively

Meaningful relationships at home and work need unique skills to keep our relationships enjoyable and productive. In general, our relations are not pleasing all the time, so we need to use our emotions and brains, this called Emotional Intelligence (EI). Emotional intelligence is a kind of intelligence like logical intelligence which measured by IQ. EI is the ability to understand and manage our emotions and others. it is also a bit intangible thing by which we can manage behaviors and relationships. This kind of intelligence is an unconventional term. it’s different because it affects and handles our behaviors and make good decisions to have great results.

October 8th, 2018
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8 amazing strategies to know social emotional secrets

Recognize and realize other emotion

October 9th, 2018

Relations and Society

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Best Ways to Women’s Depth for Unique Attraction

Attraction found by natural between male and female. How can this happen? Okay, it’s naturally. when two people connected, a simple emotion is generated which called a chemistry which leads to the natural attraction. This makes the connection smooth and easy. If you stopped for a moment and thought, you will find it’s not enough for dating. Dating needs a deep attraction. When you are in the raucous party, there are crowding, laughs, and cups collisions. Your mind is racing and asking you how to get attention? what will I say? How will I act? and What shall I do? But the result will be nothing… you never have the right answer because you are far from the target. To make the attraction, you need to understand its keys.

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Magic Ways You Really Need for Perfect Date

As any fruitful project, dating needs a defined procedure. The person who wishes to have a successful dating and entice women needs to know when he can or can’t cut corners. Definitely dating is a social contract. Your date and you should match up, that will lead to a healthy contract for both of you. before deciding to start searching your dates, you have to have a good self-awareness for your personality. Know your preferences well, be simple, and don’t cling to impossible criteria for your date. In general, the person who is convergent to your interests, tendencies, and thoughts will be a suitable one for you. Having general criteria will facilitate your search for your dates. Also, determinate, if you want a long-life partner or having fun for a short time. After having general criteria, go among people trying to find the one who matches up with your criteria. Be flexible to get your goals.

Sales and Business

7 shining areas to have a successful sales conversation

Most traditional salespeople spend most of their time in aimless talking, they don’t give enough time for asking the right question to discover the prospect’s real concerns and issues.

November 28th, 2018


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22 Secrets for Nurturing your Lovely Pet

The food we eat is the most effective medicine and it may be the slowest poison. good health equals to good nutrition. Our pets are considered as a part of our families, we love and care them a lot (my dog Joky works as my daily alarm, every day at 7 am comes to my bed push my hands to let me awake). Pets have a vital role in our life. Their presence has an amazing effect on our spirits. A cute cat or a nice puppy can light up the atmosphere of sick people. pets also help and support old and lonely people. the relation between pets and us is based on our full responsibility of pets. We have the total control of our pets’ lifestyle, nutrition and medical care.

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