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My real job is Editor of an exciting new fintech site which focuses on socially responsible investing for people and planet. In a past life I was an Instructional designer and authored English textbooks for high level students in Japan. Hence, I'm a strict grammarian who can swing into lingo if requested. I also have extensive and diverse business experience in a variety of fields which allows me the flexibility to write about anything, and the business ethics to honor deadlines. Fast, smart and committed.
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University of Nevada, English Literature

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The Problem With Growth Economics: Time For A New Model

An overview of Kate Raworth's "Doughnut Economics."

April, 5 2018
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WellWallet RoundUp: Get a Fresh Start! Spring 2019

RoundUp of recent blog posts and articles.

March, 19 2019
Blog Post
Dreams Never Die – When You Can’t Get to Broadway, Sometimes Vegas Will Do

Inspirational. Self-help

February, 17 2019
Ad/Promotional Copy
We Found A Green Account That Pays You 200% More Than The Big Banks

Copy for an affiliate banking service.

March, 7 2019
Blog Post
Why You Must Question Your 401(k)

Information on the recent fiduciary rule failure and how it affects retirement vehicles.

January, 24 2019
WellWallet RoundUp: What is Wealth? - January 2019
January, 31 2019
Your Money in the News - November 2018
November, 25 2018
Solopreneur Retirement Funds:  Pay Yourself First! (Part 1)
October, 29 2018
Sustainable and Ethical Activewear for Every Body: An Interview with Peak+Flow

Interview with sustainable athletic wear startup founders.

September, 12 2018
Conscious Capitalism in the News - August Roundup
August, 31 2018
Money Stories: Debt Anxiety Was Taking Me Down, But Cancer Changed Everything
October, 10 2018
How to Use Technology to Grow Your Money and Change Our World - A Podcast with WellWallet Founder Sofia Rossato
September, 27 2018
Conscious Capitalism In The News - September 2018
September, 30 2018
Your Money In The News - September 2018
September, 24 2018
Your Money In The News - October 2018
October, 31 2018
Conscious Capitalism In The News - October 2018
October, 24 2018
Our Swell Investing Portfolio Performance - Update!
November, 14 2018
Solopreneur 2018 Tax Overview
November, 18 2018
Solopreneur Retirement Series (Part 2): IRAs for Solopreneurs
November, 7 2018
Give the Planet a Break this Christmas: How to Wrap Sustainably
December, 7 2018
Your Money In The News - December 2018
December, 30 2018
From Frugality to Financial Freedom: A Path for All


July, 2 2018
Bitcoin IRA? – Slow Your Roll…


January, 28 2018
The Wild Wild West of Crypto Trading: An Overview


January, 7 2018
Blog Post
Is Technology Making You Lazy? The Dark Side of Set and Forget Payments


July, 14 2018
Ad/Promotional Copy
Governments and Emojis Can’t Solve World Problems: We Can

Affiliate marketing

August, 20 2018
Ad/Promotional Copy
Forget Retirement – Here’s Why You Need to Start Investing Now

Affiliate marketing

August, 13 2018
Your Money In The News – June 24th

Article curation

June, 24 2018
Conscious Capitalism In The News – July 1st

Article curation

July, 1 2018
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