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I will optimize your article with SEO that can land your site on the first page of search engine result page (SERP). First, I will do thorough research on your topic. Then, I will gather relevant keywords for your article.
A catchy headline is the need of time. Your article will get noticed only when you have attractive headlines. I will create your trending headlines with various online tools.
After meta title, I will focus on the meta description. Your 155 characters search snippet is not only meta description but is also the short review of your site. I will write your preferred meta description that can suit your site.
Then, I will create content with relevant keywords. I prefer short sentences or short paragraphs that can attract a wide range of viewers. I will implement plain English with readability score more than 65. My ideas would be clear and concise. Complex sentences and hard words will go unnoticed on the online platform. Easy words and simple sentences can engage viewers a longer duration of time. Sometimes words can connect to the emotion of viewers and they feel your company like theirs. I will allure viewers with my powerful emotional words.
Then, comes to the most important aspect of Image optimization. Unoptimized images won't index by Google and your effort will go unnoticed. People often search keywords by Google Image. Images with alt tag or alt attribute will be indexed by Google. Your site can be reached by millions of viewers by a quality number of images.
Then, I will emphasize suitable keywords, phrases, sentences, brand name, naked URL as anchor texts. Exact match keywords or targeted keyword anchors will be termed as hard or unnatural anchors because viewers might think as ads and sometimes it will overoptimize the site. Google referred these keywords as link schemes. I will prevent your site with any Google penalty.
Last, I will assess your post by backlink analysis. Every link is not a trustworthy link. I can't dofollow all the links. Only trusted and high Domain Authority link will get a dofollow tag. Dofollowing all the link will hamper your link juice. So, I will manage nofollow and dofollow links wisely. Besides all the above aspects, I will enhance your backlink pool by innovative backlink strategies.
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I will finish your work on the stipulated time frame. I will reply to all your conversations. For the assessment of my work, I will work on your first milestone. After satisfaction, I will proceed with your work.
So, would you mind to tell me that I am your preferred content writer?
Happy to work with you!
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Central University of Kerala, Master of Philosophy
Bihar Sharif, Bihar, India|English, Hindi

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