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☕️I write about: Photography/Art | Travel | LGBTQ+ | Creativity 🌿

I’m Syd Wachs (they/them), a ghostwriter/visual artist and founder of the online creative hub, Videmus.
I write about:
✅ Life as a full-time traveler: I'm originally from a small town in southeast Alabama, lived in Asia for 7 years, and am currently based in Wellington, New Zealand
✅ Online Business: I've run my brand, Videmus, online for many years. I'm a fiction ghostwriter, artist, and photographer, and I host The Videmus Podcast.
✅LGBTQ+ matters: I'm nonbinary and pansexual, and seek to do everything I can to provide more representation for people like me.
✅ Creativity: the main focus of my online presence is forming a supportive creative community, providing resources for staying inspired, and expanding your craft.

Since 2008, I’ve been working in the literary and visual arts industries. I’ve written for clients based in over 15 countries, ghostwritten 7 novels for USA Today and Kindle bestselling authors, and have created visual and written content for companies across the globe (like Discovery and Huffington Post).
I also spent the last 5 years helping set up an animation/VFX company based in Auckland (New Zealand) and Xi'An (China). I'm currently the Marketing Manager for a NZ fashion company called Zebrano, and I do design and marketing for 8th Axis Industrial, a robotics/aerial 3D imagery business based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

You can find me anywhere @videmusart,, and listen to The Videmus Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.
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